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About Infinite Spirit Sounds

Infinite Spirit Sounds was created by Phil & Jamie Richards to deliver events which utilise the healing potential of sound, yoga & meditation. The events focus on the benefit of these healing practices in relation to inner work with psychedelic medicines.

Regular Infinite Spirit Sounds events such as Psychedelic Sound Journey & Psychedelic Yoga are created in association with The Psychedelic Society UK.

Phil & Jamie are based in London and perform at festivals & gatherings throughout the UK & Europe. Find out about upcoming Infinite Spirit Sounds events.

They have extensive experience working with psychedelic medicines for healing & facilitate in a variety of ceremonies. Jamie is also a facilitator on The Experience Retreats in The Netherlands organised by The Psychedelic Society. Infinite Spirit Sounds support the legalisation and the responsible use of psychedelic medicines.

More about Jamie & Phil

Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner, who has trained with Sheila Whittaker (gongmaster with the College of Sound Healing), Jill Purce (the healing voice & overtone chanting) & Sofia Buchuck (medicine woman & ethnomusicologist). Jamie works with sound & meditative techniques to invoke & facilitate enhanced states of consciousness for healing.

Phil has practised yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India with the Ramakrisha Vedanta Centre, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and the Rigpa Organisation. He is qualified through the British Wheel of Yoga and trained in Pranayama Yoga. He has also trained in ‘dream song’ with the Yoga Nidra network.

Jamie & Phil are married and have been together for 10 years. Their work with these healing modalities has contributed to the deep love, connection & respect they have for one another, which underpins their passion for the events they create together as Infinite Spirit Sounds.

What people say about Jamie & Phil

  • "Great facilitators that hold the space beautifully"

    “Phil & Jamie are two great facilitators that hold the space beautifully. They helped me to feel at ease and to let go. What a journey! These guys clearly have a deep knowledge of the divine space. I haven’t been to a sound journey as well considered as this one.”

  • "An amazing experience"

    “I had such an amazing experience last night. The energies you share, the laughter, your own life experiences and knowledge are magic. I will definitely return and with more good company. Keep up the good work.”

  • "fun, inclusive and warm natured"

    “Thanks Jamie & Phil… really enjoyed last night. You made it a very fun, inclusive and warm natured event.”


Upcoming Events

We’ll be returning with our regular fortnightly events in September. In the meantime, catch Infinite Spirit Sounds at Noisily Festival & Breaking Convention. For updates, please subscribe to our newsletter below.