Psychedelic Sound Journey: 4th June

The Psychedelic Society 8 Mackintosh Lane, London E9 6AB

Psychedelic Sound Journey is an immersive & meditative sound healing experience. As you relax under a blanket, the sound waves will carry you on a journey deep within. We use a host of instruments to weave a tapestry of sound, in combination with guided meditation, to facilitate an enhanced state of consciousness.

The live sounds are created with a 38” Sun Gong, 38” Earth gong, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, hangdrum, flutes, harmonica, chimes, shruti box, overtone signing & medicine songs. We also incorporate samples from nature & work with a loop station to develop multi-layered interlinked loops of sound, to craft a journey which ebbs & flows through numerous atmospheric soundscapes.

Sound has been used in sacred ceremonies & shamanic rituals since ancient times and can effect and change our brainwaves, allowing mystical altered states to be induced. Just as psychedelic medicines can reveal what’s going on deep within ourselves, in Psychedelic Sound Journey we use sound combined with meditative techniques to enable participants to access their inner territory, where emotions, memory’s & visions are revealed.

Doors open at 19:45, when we recommend arriving, so you have time to choose your space and get settled in before we start at 20:00.

Yoga mats & blankets are provided.

The sound journey itself lasts 1hrs 20 minutes and there will be an opportunity for a cup of tea & time to socialise after the session, so you can feel fully re-integrated before you return to the outside world.

Standard tickets are £18 / Concessions are £13. Unfortunately no tickets will be available on the door.

Psychedelic Sound Journeys was created by Jamie & Phil from Infinite Spirit Sounds, in association with The Psychedelic Society.

The session will be led by Jamie Richards. Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner, who has trained with gongmaster Sheila Whittaker, the College of Sound Healing & Jill Purce. He works with sound & meditative techniques to invoke & facilitate enhanced states of consciousness for healing. Alongside Psychedelic Sound Journeys, Jamie offers individual sound healing sessions & co-facilitates the monthly events ‘All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath’ & ‘Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation’.

Phil has practised yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India with the Ramakrisha Vedanta Centre, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and the Rigpa Organisation. He has also trained in ‘dream song’ with the Yoga Nidra network.

Phil & Jamie organise regular sound healing & yoga events in London, and have worked across the U.K & in the Netherlands. You can find out more about their work, see photos from past events and get information about coming sessions @

Jamie & Phil both have extensive experience working with psychedelic medicines. They also facilitate on The Psychedelic Experience Retreats in the Netherlands organised by The Psychedelic Society.

This session isn’t designed for people to take psychedelics at. However, The Psychedelic Society does organise monthly ‘Psychedelic Experience Retreats’ in The Netherlands – for more information please visit