Psychedelic Yoga & V3

Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Journey One Day Retreat

The Psychedelic Society 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9 6AB

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Join us for a day immersing yourself in a healing journey which will include Psychedelic Yoga, Conscious Movement workshop & Gong Bath, Sharing Circle and Psychedelic Sound Journey.

Throughout the day we will engage in techniques & processes to help you let go of stress, nurture yourself, journey within & feel restored, relaxed and connected.

In Psychedelic Yoga we practice yogic techniques to prepare the body & mind for transformational experience, whilst developing tools which can assist in the navigation & integration of those experiences. The theme of this particular session is ‘ego-death’. The session will include postures, breathing techniques, mantras, mudras, philosophy & meditation, in a supportive, fun & friendly environment. This workshop is suitable for everyone and the yoga postures & meditation techniques are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and can be practiced by all levels of ability.

In the Conscious Movement workshop you will be guided on a musical journey exploring movement & dance, being welcomed into a space to connect your emotions & body, allowing the music & guidance to facilitate a physical expression of whatever is alive for you in that moment. The session will conclude with a return to stillness during a gong bath.

There will be a Sharing Circle, which creates a container for people to express anything they like in a non-judgemental supportive environment. This is an opportunity to share about anything that arises within you at that time. You can of course share as much or as little as you wish.

We will end the day with an hour and a half of Psychedelic Sound Journey, which is an immersive & meditative sound healing experience. As you relax under a blanket, the sound waves will carry you on a journey deep within. We use a host of instruments to weave a tapestry of sound, in combination with guided meditation, to facilitate an enhanced state of consciousness.

The live sounds are created with a 38” Sun Gong, 38” Earth gong, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, hangdrum, flutes, harmonica, chimes, shruti box, overtone signing & medicine songs. We also incorporate samples from nature & work with a loop station to develop multi-layered interlinked loops of sound, to craft a journey which ebbs & flows through numerous atmospheric soundscapes.

One Day Retreat Timeline:
10:15 Doors open, tea available.
10:30 Welcome circle
11:00 Psychedelic Yoga
12:30 Tea & snack break
12:45 Conscious Movement workshop
1:45 Shared vegetarian lunch
2:30 Sharing circle
3:30 Tea & snack break
3:45 Psychedelic Sound Journey
5:15 Closing circle
5.30 Finish

Doors will open at 10:15, when we recommend arriving, so you have time to choose your space and get settled in before we start at 10:30.

Yoga mats & blankets are provided.

Please bring an offering of vegetarian/vegan food for our communal shared lunch. Thank you 🙂

Infinite Spirit Sounds have been facilitating workshops such as Psychedelic Yoga & Psychedelic Sound Journey, in association with The Psychedelic Society, for the past four years.

Jamie is a qualified sound healer & gong practitioner, who has trained with Gongmaster Sheila Whittaker, the College of Sound Healing & Jill Purce. He works with sound & meditative techniques to invoke & facilitate enhanced states of consciousness for healing. He is also a facilitator on the Psychedelic Society’s Experience Retreats in the Netherlands.

Phil has practised yoga and meditation since 1971. He has studied in the UK and India with the Ramakrisha Vedanta Centre, the Shivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order and the Rigpa Organisation. He has also trained in ‘dream song’ with the Yoga Nidra network.

Phil & Jamie organise regular sound healing & yoga events across the U.K. You can find out more about their work, see photos from past events and get information about coming sessions @ or

This session isn’t designed for people to take psychedelics at. However, The Psychedelic Society does organize monthly ‘Psychedelic Experience Retreats’ – for more information please visit

Testimonials for Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Journey:

I expected it to be nice, but this was an overwhelmingly beautiful and deep experience.” Carmela

“Phil & Jamie are two great facilitators that hold the space beautifully. They helped me to feel at ease and to let go. What a journey! These guys clearly have a deep knowledge of the divine space. I haven’t been to a sound journey as well considered as this one.” Luke

“It was amazing! The best of its kind I had so far. I loved how they combined meditation, yoga, education, healing & sound in one. It was a journey. Well done guys!” Diana

“A deeply immersive experience, taking you gradually deeper and deeper into a state of peaceful awareness. Artfully woven, the sounds, chanting and spoken word worked together to significantly deepen my meditation and expand my consciousness. The setting was made safe from the outset, with a focus on full acceptance of the self and a chance to consider my intention for the session. I felt genuine goodwill from these facilitators and wholly supported on my own journey of healing. A must for any explorer of psychedelic consciousness!” Fabien