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Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation at Breaking Convention 2019

Breaking Convention, London Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9LS

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We’re v.excited to facilitate Psychedelic Yoga & Sound Meditation on Saturday 6:30 – 8:00pm at Breaking Convention 2019 – The 5th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness. Breaking Convention is a biennial academic conference bringing together multiple disciplines (including medicine, psychology, anthropology, sociology, law, politics and the arts) associated with the research of psychedelic substances.

Psychedelic Yoga equips participants with yogic techniques to prepare the body & mind for the psychedelic experience, whilst practicing tools which assist in navigation & integration.
We will explore ‘intention setting’ (giving a focus for healing), postures (releasing tension and preparing for the journey), pranayama (quietening the mind & surrendering to the medicine), mantras & mudras (navigating planes of consciousness), philosophy & meditation (integrating the experience).

The sound meditation is designed to facilitate enhanced states of consciousness & is created with 38” gongs, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, flutes, samples from nature, a loop station, overtoning & medicine songs.