What is a Psychedelic Sound Journey? 

Psychedelic Sound Journey is an immersive & meditative sound healing experience. 

As you relax under a blanket, the sound waves will carry you on a journey deep within. We use a host of instruments to weave a tapestry of sound, in combination with guided meditation, to facilitate an enhanced state of consciousness. 

The live sounds are created with a 38” Sun Gong, 38” Earth gong, shamanic drumming, singing bowls, hangdrum, flutes, harmonica, chimes, shruti box, overtone signing & medicine songs. We also incorporate samples from nature & work with a loop station to develop multi-layered interlinked loops of sound, to craft a journey which ebbs & flows through numerous atmospheric soundscapes.

Sound has been used in sacred ceremonies & shamanic rituals since ancient times and can effect and change our brainwaves, allowing mystical altered states to be induced. In Psychedelic Sound Journey we use sound combined with meditative techniques to enable participants to access their inner territory, where emotions, memory’s & visions are revealed.

Psychedelic Sound Journey FAQ's

What people say about Psychedelic Sound Journey

  • "The most unique gong baths"

    “These are the most unique gong baths I have ever had the joy to experience. Great for those who are experienced or first timers. Each experience more powerful and diverse than the last. I always get exactly what I need and more. Thank you for doing what you do so eloquently. Can’t wait for the next one!” 

  • "Absolutely amazing experience"

    Absolutely amazing experience, have others booked. Beautiful people amazing energy & to top it a fantastic nights sleep. Thank you.

  • "I learned a lot about myself"

    The session was so inspiring and allowed me to feel in a safe environment to fully relax. I learned a lot about myself from the session and I highly recommend it!


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